Time management is a bitch

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Time is limited. This can be good or bad. Would we live our lives differently if time was not a factor? I don’t know, probably… I believe if we are aware and remember that we have limited time we push ourselves harder. Time management is a bitch no matter if you have enough or not enough time to fulfill a task. As we all know there is never the right moment to do something. I don’t think that is true. There is the right moment and that moment is right now.

Do you know what happened last week? A woman ran over the roundabout to catch a bus. The bus I was sitting on. I saw her running in front of the bus on the street. Despite all the cars she ran over the roundabout because she knew the footpath would take too much time. First I thought she was crazy (well she was a little bit crazy), but then I recognised myself. I was that lady for years. I ran to the bus station every morning. Even though I knew from the day before that I was going to be late, I would do the same over and over again. Do you know why? It always just worked out. I haven’t missed a single bus. Which means I would always finish tasks right before the time was up.

Why do we procrastinate if we know that the bus might run us over?

I’m wondering why is time management so hard and why is procrastinating so easy. I think it is so easy because it doesn’t need any effort not even a blink of an eye. It is so ironic because I even procrastinated writing this blog post. So how did I manage my time during my first semester at Kingston University? Well, let’s just say there are many things that I will do differently next semester. This is not the worst that could have happened because it means I learned something. Actually a lot of things:

I learned to stop “multitasking” and start focusing.

I learned to stop paying attention to my phone all the time and be aware of what I’m doing.

I learned to stop procrastinate (it still happens every now and then, but I’m working on it) and start doing.

I learned to stop hesitating and start making decisions.

I learned to prioritise and let go of things which are not relevant.

I learned to partly let go (on going process) of my unrealistic expectations and settle with the imperfect. I’m not saying I want to get rid of my high expectations, but maybe just loosen the leash every now and then a little bit. Something authentic is more valuable than something that is perfect.

I also learned that I can’t plan every minute.

I need to stay flexible even if I want my time management to work out. Life is happening right in between. So how did I solve my time management situation? I decided to stop trying to manage my time instead I try to raise my awareness – the awareness of living NOW.

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