What happens if you ask your friends to challenge you on your 30th birthday?

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On December 22, I turned 30. I was excited to celebrate. It was a big reunion with my friends, which was the best gift of all. Over the years, I have lived in different places and I have met and connected with people from all over the world. I love that I have international friends from different cultural backgrounds. A lot of them have never met each other before. It was amazing to see how they connected with new people and found common ground. Some of my friends already made plans to meet each other in another city. Hearing how kind, interested and open everyone was, makes me happy.

So, what happens if you ask your friends to challenge you on your 30th birthday? There are many things I have experienced. There are many more things to discover and more lessons to learn. To make it more fun, I asked my friends to write down some ideas for me. It was great to see how they connect with each other over brainstorming ideas and this is how they challenge me:



I will capture my progress here and write about my new experiences. From the 33 challenges which I received, there are things which I always wanted to try. There are also things which scare me and there are things I never thought of. Exciting times will follow. Of course, I will involve as many of my friends as possible because together it will be a lot more fun. Stay tuned!

Thank you for being such amazing friends who inspire me and who are always by my side even when we live far away. 





  1. that sounds like such a fun idea! there’s one way to make sure the next year keeps you busy. hope you’ll have some fun experiences doing these things, and that the next year of your life brings you joy and happiness 🙂

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    1. Thanks Sawera, I hope I will have some fun times with my friends going through the challenges 😉 All the best for you, keep doing what you’re doing and hope to see you soon in London or Oslo. Can’t wait!


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