What happens if you ask your friends to challenge you on your 30th birthday?

On December 22, I turned 30. I was excited to celebrate. It was a big reunion with my friends, which was the best gift of all. Over the years, I have lived in different places and I have met and connected with people from all over the world. I love that I have international friends from different cultural backgrounds.

Why sales skills are a valuable asset for everyone

After I wrote “Why financial skills are a valuable asset for everyone” I decided to write an additional part about sales skills. In every job, I worked before I came to London I never had to sell any products or services. There was always a sales department who was responsible for that. These companies had a good reputation, a solid customer base and a lot of employees. It is different if you start your own business.

Time management is a bitch

Time is limited. This can be good or bad. Would we live our lives differently if time was not a factor? I don’t know, probably… I believe if we are aware and remember that we have limited time we push ourselves harder. Time management is a bitch no matter if you have enough or not enough time to fulfill a task. As we all know there is never the right moment to do something. I don’t think that is true. There is the right moment and that moment is right now.